Face to Face Boat Licence Course 

Course cost: $300

The face to face boat licence course includes theory component which is completed in our classroom, a written multiple choice test and a practical training and assessment component driving our commercial boat.

You will be required to complete face to face theory component and written assessment before coming in for the practical training and assessment day. You will receive a certificate of completion for that component.

The face to face theory component takes approximately 4-5 hours

Practical Training/Assessment 

To book in for your practical training/assessment day please click on Step Two on the Boat and Jet-ski courses page and select your preferred time/day and follow the prompts.

The boat licence course is not a one size fits all course. Depending on previous experience, some licence candidates will require more time than others on the water training to become a competent skipper.

If you haven’t driven a boat before, we recommend getting some helm time before coming in.

If you have a licensed friend or family member that has a boat, ask if they can give you some practice before coming in…similar to how they would coach you in preparation for car a driving test.

These are some of the items you will be practically assessed on:

- Man overboard drill;

- Safely approach a floating object;

- Port and starboard turn on/off the plane;

- Berthing;

- Figure of 8 on/off the plane;

- Berthing and unberthing the boat/jet-ski;

- Operate at 6 knots and estimate speed;

- Judge distances (30 m and 60 m);

- Collision regulations;

- General navigation; and

- Knowledge of buoyage markers.

Watch this video which shows you exactly what you are required to do during the boat practical:


Otherwise, get in contact with us (info@goldcoastmarinetraining.com.au) to organise an additional training session. This could be a one-on-one training session or a group training session.

We will send you the checklist of all tasks you are required to demonstrate competence in.

If you can demonstrate competence in all required tasks you will be issued with a statement of competency to obtain your licence from Transport and Main Roads.

If you are unsuccessful in a particular task/activity you will have to come back on another day to re-sit that component of the course.