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GCMT’s Responsibility to Licence candidates

GCMT’s responsibility to the licence candidate is to provide a quality training experience that complies with the organisation’s own policies and procedures and the governing bodies.

Licence Candidate Responsibilities and Conduct

GCMT requires all students to:

§ Conduct themselves in an acceptable manner during their studies, interaction with GCMT’s staff and other licence candidates;

§ Not be under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol when attending course programs;

§ Ensure all information supplied to GCMT is accurate;

§ Not submit work that they claim as their own that is gained from another source or person; and

§ Notify GCMT of any change to enrolment information and contact details.

Course Enrolment Information

Enrolment Checklist

Before licence candidates participate in a course or program they must agree to and follow the below conditions:

§ Provide the required identification materials necessary to obtain a marine licence;

§ Have read the GCMT refund policy, payment policy and licence candidate responsibilities and conduct;

§ Have the required skills in numeracy and literacy to participate in the course, or advise the BTP if assistance is required;

§ Notify management if they require any special assistance to participate in the practical or theory components of the course.

Withdrawal from Enrolment

A participant may withdraw from the program or course before 24 hours from the start of the course by contacting the GCMT representative on at A credit may be available, requirements are outlined in the refund policy.

Withdrawal from Enrolment without Notice

Withdrawal from a course without notice will result in all fees paid to date forfeited. In extreme circumstances the option to reschedule may be granted at management’s discretion.

Course Detail – Outcomes & Expectations

GCMT’s RMDL and PWC licence courses are conducted in accordance with the Boatsafe competency and management standards.

GCMT’s training delivery methods include:

§ Oral Presentations / Discussions;

§ Simulation Activities;

§ Group Activities;

§ Practical Demonstrations & Participation;

§ Written Multiple Choice Assessments; and

§ PowerPoint Presentation.

At completion of the course, licence candidates will be able to demonstrate competency in:

§ planning and preparing for a safe boating trip, including undertaking simple maintenance & assessment of weather conditions;

§ safely handle / operate a powered recreational vessel and personal watercraft, including basic navigation and anchoring; and

§ dealing with boating emergencies and incidents including the use of safety equipment & raising alarms.

Refund Policy

GCMT Cancels a course

If GCMT cancels a course for any reason, licence candidates have the option to transfer to the next available course without any administration fees imposed.

Licence Candidate Withdraws before the course commences

If a student withdraws from a course, or changes dates at least 24 hours before the course commences, they have the option of transferring to another available course free of charge. 

If a student withdraws or requests to change the course date within 24 hours of the course commencing they will forfeit all fees and will need to pay the full amount to rebook. 

Withdrawal once a Course commences

No credit applies if a licence candidate withdrawals from the course once it commences under any circumstance.

Withdrawal due to Hardship or Illness

If students are required to withdraw from a course due to serious illness or personal hardship, GCMT may at its discretion provide a refund as long as students can provide a medical certificate. You can request to transfer your prepaid fees to another course date. If a refund is provided, a 25% cancellation fee will apply and no recognition of units completed will be issued.

Access and Equity

GCMT encourages and supports people of all abilities to participate in training programs.


GCMT does not tolerate nor does it condone any form of unlawful discrimination or harassment by GCMT staff or licence candidate, employee or prospective employee based on their age, gender, nationality, sexuality, disability, pregnancy, religious beliefs, or ethnic background.

Access for people with Disability

Students with a disability are encouraged to participate in GCMT courses. Parts of GCMT courses can be adapted to suit the needs of licence candidates with various disabilities. Some courses require a specific level of mobility and the ability to meet the minimum licence requirements.

Numeracy and Literacy

GCMT is committed to assisting students with differing numeracy and literacy skills.

GCMT Code of Practice

As a Training Organisation, Gold Coast Marine Training agrees to operate in accordance with the Principles and Standards of Maritime Safety Queensland’s BoatSafe Competency & Management Standards. This includes a commitment to recognise the training and/or qualifications issued by other Recreational Boat Training Organisations.

GCMT will not engage in conduct that brings the BoatSafe scheme, another BoatSafe Training Organisation, or Maritime Safety Queensland into disrepute.

GCMT will not publish defamatory matter about another BoatSafe Training Organisation, BoatSafe Training Provider or Maritime Safety Queensland employee as defined by the Defamation Act 2005 (Qld) without a lawful defence as set out in that Act.

Legislative Requirements

GCMT complies with all legislative requirements of State and Federal governing organisations including workplace health and safety, Work Place Relations, Office of Fair Trading and Education Authorities.

Access and Equity

GCMT has a policy of equal access to training and employment regardless of race, colour, religion, gender or physical disability and regardless of the prevailing community values.

Quality Management and Administration

GCMT has policies and management strategies that ensure that sound financial and administrative practices are bring consistently applied and continuously improved. Management guarantees that the GCMTs sound financial position will safeguard and protect client fees until used in training / assessment. GCMT’s Refund Policy is fair and equitable to all. GCMT maintains adequate insurance policies.

Records and Documentation Management

GCMT has policies and procedures to ensure all student, assessment and version control records meet BoatSafe Competency & Management Standards and that licence candidate records are managed securely and confidentially and are available for client perusal upon request. Records will be maintained for 2 years.

Marketing and Advertising Policy

GCMT markets RMDL and PWC training products with integrity, accuracy and professionalism, avoiding vague and misleading statements. In providing information to our clients, no false or misleading comparisons are drawn with any other training organisations or training product.

Internal and External Reviews Policy

GCMT agrees to participate in external monitoring and audit processes as required by the Registering Authorities and have in place a process of regular Internal Review focusing on evidence collected during the year relevant to all areas of service and delivery within the training centre, grievances, and feedback from clients / industry.

Training and Assessment Standards Policy

GCMT will ensure personnel have appropriate qualifications and experience to deliver training and assessment. Courses will be delivered to meet the requirements of the relevant Training Package. Trainee trainers must be notified to Maritime Safety Queensland before commencing training as per the requirements.

Safety Management Systems

GCMT maintains policy and procedures to comply with Occupational Health and Safety requirements to ensure training facilities and operations are maintained and operated in a safe manner through the GCMT Safety Management System. Staff and students are required to follow all procedures in place and conduct themselves in a manner in which ensures the safety of others.

Risk Management Policy

GCMT maintains policies and procedures that minimise the risk of not meeting BoatSafe Competency & Management Standards in training, assessment and management.

Staff Recruitment and Professional Development Policy

GCMT undertakes a procedure to ensure personnel have adequate qualifications for their role and meet BoatSafe Competency & Management Standards. GCMT encourages and provides a progress for continuous professional development and competency verification.

Staff Conduct Policy

GCMT requires all staff to conduct themselves in a fair and professional manner at all times. Staff are not permitted to bring GCMT, licence candidates, other training organisation, supplier or Registration Authority into disrepute.

Appeals and Complaints Administration Policy

GCMT is committed to providing a fair and transparent appeals and complaints system that will resolve any disputes in a timely manner

Privacy Policy

GCMT maintains a Privacy Policy to protect the information provided by licence candidates. GCMT follows the 10 National Privacy Principles the Federal Government has developed that are derived from the Privacy Act 1998 (and the 2000 Amendment to the Act).

GCMT is committed to maintaining the sensitive licence candidate information to maintain its privacy obligations. GCMT has adopted a privacy policy that applies to all information licence candidates provide during enrolment, assessment and course evaluation.